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Robinson to ask Wingo to be interim city manager in Williston

July 2, 2012


Williston to Miller: ‘Goodbye’
Robinson to ask Wingo to be interim

By Jeff M. Hardison, © June 19, 2012
     WILLISTON – A special meeting late Tuesday afternoon (June 19) resulted in a choice by Williston leaders to end the contract between the city and City Manager Patrick Miller.
Miller will continue on paid administrative leave until July 21 as well as receive 60 percent of his salary for 60 days after that as his severance pay. He will be paid for all vacation and accrued sick days that he is due too.
Miller has been on paid administrative leave from his $70,000 a year job since May 24. An “investigation” led to a 212-page report, which Mayor R. Gerald Hethcoat and three of the five City Council members only saw minutes before deciding to end the investigation with no action.
The city manager was released from employment with the city without a cause beyond a “vote of no confidence,” which as City Attorney Fred Koberlein said could be because the City Council just did not like the color or fashion of his shoes. By this, he meant there was no need to have a cause for terminating employment of the man with the city.
The meeting was stalled for 45 minutes from its 3 p.m. planned starting time because Koberlein was late and because only City Council President Jerry Robinson and City Council Vice President Norm Fugate had seen the report.

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