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Oel Wingo Named as Interim City Manager for City of Williston

July 2, 2012


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By Jeff M. Hardison, © June 27, 2012
     WILLISTON – A unanimous vote by the Williston City Council on Wednesday night (June 27) sealed a deal negotiated by Council President Jerry Robinson for Dr. Oel Wingo to serve as the interim city manager of Williston.
      The 5-0 vote resulted from a motion by Vice President Norm Fugate, seconded by Councilman Charles Goodman to approve the contract.
      She will be in the office Thursday (June 28), serving as the interim city manager.
      Wingo accepted the post as an independent contractor, saying that she has four or five outstanding contractual obligations and does not want to be a city employee at the present time. She continues as a consultant.
      The $5,000 a month salary is less than former City Manager Patrick Miller’s $70,000 annual salary and it is significantly less than the proposed $100,000 starting salary she wanted when was in the mix of possible city managers, from whence the City Council chose Miller just over a year ago.
      The City Council terminated its contract with Miller. His predecessor City Manager Marcus Collins resigned. Wingo was among the inerim city managers between Collins and Miller, as was Marisela Barcenas.
      The contract between Wingo and Williston City Council allows either party to end the agreement without reason but with a 10-day notice.

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  1. Kurt Bressner permalink

    Congratulations Oel!

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